BuddyBoss App - Version 1.7.8

Release date: Nov 24, 2022


  • Custom Development – New Feature! The header right action button on Activities screen is now customizable. New Hook: activitiesScreenApi.setHeaderActionComponent
  • Custom Development – New Feature! The view models for lesson and topic contents fetched from the API are now modifiable. New Hooks: learnTopicSingleScreenApi.setLearnTopicViewModelFilter, lessonSingleScreenApi.setLessonViewModelFilter


  • Custom Development – The custom Search component setter has been updated to include the default Search component. Hook updated: searchScreenApiHooks.setSearchInputComponent
  • LearnDash – The LearnDash implementation has been improved to support the “Mark Incomplete” feature introduced in [email protected]
  • React Native – The React Native version in the app has been update to v0.67.4


  • Discussions – Corrected the bug about header right action button not showing for non-{admin, organizer, moderator} users
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about group members being able to post activities on group even if the activity posting is only enable for admins and moderators
  • In-App Purchases – Corrected the bug about IAP notice showing on Google play store despite the IAP component is disabled in the Plugin