BuddyBoss App - Version 1.6.0

Release date: Jun 22, 2022


  • Discussions – Discussion topic and reply components on Single Discussion Screen are now customisable with the new topicSingleApi hooks. New hooks include – topicSingleApi.{setTopicItemHeader, setReplyItemAvatar, setReplyItemHeader, setReplyItemContent, setTopicTitleComponent, setTopicContentComponent, setTopicReplyButton, setTopicMetadataComponent}
  • Translations – The global app crash message is now translatable


  • App Pages – The Blogs block in App Pages has been updated to support WP sticky posts
  • Discussions – Improvements made in the rich-text rendering functionality on the editor screen for Forum Discussions.
  • Notifications – Improvements made in the Notifications Screen to refresh the list on new push notifications


  • Activities – Corrected the bug about activity feed sometimes not loading after consecutive logins
  • App Pages – Corrected a crash that may occur on rendering Paragraph Block after changing Typography
  • App Pages – Corrected the bug about Table Block background colour not updating when the app background colour is updated
  • Discussions – Corrected the UI bug on the editor screen for Forum discussions and their replies about attachments getting overlapped by keyboard toolbar
  • Groups – Corrected the Header component UI on Group Manage Screen
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about create album option not showing for group members even when group members were given the album creation permission from group settings
  • Login – Corrected the bug about pressing “Done” on keyboard ignores Privacy Policy and Terms of Service check on Login Screen
  • Messages – Corrected a crash that may occur on iOS after sending the first message to a new user
  • Messages – Corrected the bug about Emojis appearing very large right after their are sent to a messages thread
  • Messages – Corrected the bug about ex-participants being shown as “Deleted User” on group message threads
  • Photos – Corrected the UI bug about non-admin users seeing delete option on other users’ Photos Screen
  • Signup – Corrected the bug about error popup coming up when pressing the submit button on Code Verification Screen during signup
  • Signup – Corrected the bug about the Create Account button on Signup Screen sometimes not working after navigating back from Code Verification Screen