BuddyBoss App - Version 1.5.7

Release date: May 26, 2022


  • Custom Development – New feature! 3rd party react-native libraries with native modules can now be installed into the BuddyBoss App via custom development
  • Custom Development – New Feature! Course download now supports adding custom lesson attributes to the Lesson Model for downloading. New Hook: `sqliteApi.setLessonEntities`
  • Custom Development – New Feature! Lesson and Topic screens now support adding custom component below the Materials section. New Hooks: `learnTopicSingleScreenApi.setAfterMaterialsComponent`, `lessonSingleScreenApi.setAfterMaterialsComponent`
  • LearnDash – New Feature! Quiz progression auto saving has been implemented
  • Translation – New Feature! Course download status alert texts are now translatable


  • In-App Browser – The In-App Browser has been updated to support sending AJAX requests to different base urls from web-fallbacks
  • LearnDash – Scheduled (closed) lesson item tap experience has been updated to show an alert containing the release date of the lesson
  • Notifications – Updated push notification tap experience to navigate to the Notifications list screen on cold start if no deep-link navigation is available
  • Videos – Improvements made in the video player experience for uploaded videos


  • Activities – Corrected the bug about the Image Viewer and the Video Player not showing when the media/video is tapped from the Single Activity View screen
  • Activities – Corrected a crash that may occur on iPads while scrolling the activity list containing heavy media contents (high resolution videos, images etc.)
  • Blogs – Corrected the bug about high resolution featured images not loading in some of the list items in the Blogs list on Android
  • Forums – Corrected the bug about sub-forums of private group forums being visible to users (except WP Admin) who are not members of the private group
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about Group Invite Send button sometimes not showing on iOS
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about video upload option not showing in the Send Messages editor screen
  • In-App Browser – Corrected the bug about the back button sometimes not showing on web-fallback pages
  • LearnDash – Corrected a crash that may occur on rendering the average score text in the Quiz Result screen
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug about quiz answers not getting approved if the answer text contains spaces
  • LearnDash – Corrected a crash that may occur on visiting offline any lesson or topic containing Gutenberg blocks in a downloaded course
  • LearnDash – Corrected a crash that may occur on opening any lesson or topic with video progression offline
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug with the placeholder text position on multi-line input fields in quizzes
  • LearnDash – Corrected a crash that may occur on low-end devices while opening LearnDash screens containing heavy web-fallback contents
  • Members – Corrected the bug about range fields in Members Advance Search not working in the app
  • Messages – Corrected the bug about Block Members button still showing even after all the members in the thread had been blocked
  • Permissions – Corrected the bug about media/hardware access permission on Android being requested on the second opening of the app
  • Profile – Corrected the bug about user avatars sometimes not loading in the Profile Screen
  • Profile – Corrected the bug about Gamipress points text getting truncated in the App
  • Sign-up – Corrected a crash that may occur after navigating back from the sign up Code Verification screen