BuddyBoss App - Version 1.5.5

Release date: May 11, 2022


  • Custom Development – New Feature! Notification list item wrapper, content, and the more-action button are now customisable. New Hooks: setNotificationsItemWrapperComponent, setNotificationsItemRowComponent, setNotificationsMoreButtonWrapperComponent
  • Custom Development – New Feature! Background audio playing permission on iOS can now be modified via custom code at the backend
  • Test App – New Feature! Users can now find their Device token in the Settings > Test App Options screen


  • App Menu – Improvements made in the tint-color setting for icons in More screen list items
  • App Pages – Improvements made in the Gallery block to support greater customisation of the images
  • LearnDash – Improvements made in the accessibility flow for closed courses
  • Translations – Improvements made in the implementation of i18n translation module for plural nouns


  • Activities – Corrected the bug about media/video not being removed from the activity list even when it is successfully deleted
  • Blogs – Corrected the bug about blog comment count not updating when the blog is visited from Activities screen
  • Content – Corrected the bug about trailing spaces being decoded to ‘&npsb’ after posting a URL from any Rich-text Editor screen in the App
  • Discussions – Corrected the bug about GIFs not showing on discussions created from the app
  • Groups – Corrected the bug about group description sometimes containing HTML tags
  • LearnDash – Corrected the bug about wrong statuses sometimes appearing on Quizzes
  • LearnDash – Corrected the main action button styling inconsistency in Topic and Lesson screens.
  • Members – Corrected the bug about the advance search fields sometimes not showing on Members list screen
  • Messages – Corrected the crash that may occur on visiting the messages list after sending individual messages to the members in a group
  • Moderation – Corrected the “View as” moderation related UI bugs experienced by non-admin users