BuddyBoss App - Version 1.3.0

Release date: Aug 05, 2021


  • Android – Targeting API level 30 to comply with Google Play uploading standards
  • Notifications – Notifications tab bar icon number now correctly reflects the number of notifications received
  • Content – Sign up modal is closed automatically after signing up in guest mode


  • LearnDash – Fixed a scenario that caused lesson and topic content to be hidden
  • LearnDash – Fixed the blank pop-up that shows when a user reaches the quiz attempt limit
  • Activities – Fixed a crash when tapping “Join Discussion” when discussion is hidden
  • Deep Linking – Group deep links no longer navigate to a web fallback
  • Content – Fixed images failing to load with some backend configurations
  • Custom Development – Fixed the ActivitiesWidgetComponent hook
  • Custom Development – Fixed the setHomeScreenPrefetchEnabled hook