BuddyBoss Reply by Email 1.0.4

Released April 4, 2018


  • New – Improved email debug log
  • New – Added an option to stop auto-responder posting replies
  • New – License module added
  • Fix – Strip Apple and Mobile app signatures
  • Fix – Replies was not being accepted If it sent by the macOS default mail app
  • Fix – Replies was not working for Forum creation emails
  • Fix – Test email logs not displaying under Logs tab
  • Fix – Various php warnings/errors fixes
  • Fix – Fixed Index column size too large error in table creation
  • Fix – Setting menu appears on main site instead of the network site when plugin is network activate
  • Fix – Double Quotes converting in special character in bbPress Forums
  • Fix – Settings link displaying twice for all plugins in the plugins list
  • Fix – Added DNS_MX type support for fetching DNS Resource Records associated with a hostname