BuddyBoss Media 3.2.6

Released June 21, 2018


  • Tweak – Fontawesome 5.0 upgrade
  • Tweak – Album visibility dropdown should not be visible when wall not active on site
  • Fix – Allow admin users to delete members albums
  • Fix – "NaN" appear next to the thumb in photoswipe after image upload and you like activity
  • Fix – Backslashes displaying in before single or double quote in the Photo description
  • Fix – Akismet mark activity spam when we upload photo in activity
  • Fix – Photo upload button in activity comment reply not working
  • Fix – Inaccurate Photo count
  • Fix – Album name and album description convert into ???? character from arabic character
  • Dev – Added new filter to override media upload dir
  • Fix – Added label for the privacy dropdown in upload popup box
  • Fix – Delete group media from filesystem upon group deletion
  • Fix – Strip photo filename from latest activity update content
  • Fix – When more then 4 images are uploaded in a BBPress topic, then show +2 or +3 text
  • Fix – Disable media embed attachment in wp-admin area for bbPress
  • Fix – Display admin notice if Mobile Rotation Fix is enabled but EXIF php extension not loaded
  • Fix – Permanently delete photos from media library when photo get removed from uploader
  • Fix – Fatal error on group album create page if buddyboss wall is disable
  • Fix – Allow photo to be moved out of album
  • Fix – No way to move an image into Group Albums from News Feeds or Activity > Groups tab
  • Fix – Block bbPress Media setting option section when bbPress not active in site
  • Fix – Mention not working in upload modal
  • Fix – When editing activity, Photo counts is getting increased
  • Fix – Generate new album photos count after moving photos in album
  • Fix – Display admin notice if buddypress not active
  • Fix – Delete user\’s albums on user deletion from the site