Boss. theme 2.4.7

Released June 21, 2018


  • Tweak – Override buddyboss-wall entry.php template
  • Tweak – Fontawesome 5.0 upgrade
  • Fix – The submenu is unable to show menu icons if we set BuddyPress menu items to be as a submenu
  • Fix – Media and Wall plugin style improvements
  • Fix – Boss theme changes the login form with disabled custom login styling
  • Fix – When a normal user of a hidden group try to add new doc, The new doc page looks messy
  • Fix – Avatar style glitch in activity comment
  • Fix – BuddyPress nav menu items visibility issue on profile page
  • Fix – Social Media Link does not save without http/https
  • Fix – Fitvids script re-start the running video from the beginning on a heartbeat
  • Fix – VC issue with Stretch Row in the Boss theme, CSS code adds margin to the left side
  • Fix – Added missing closing bracket on login page inline style
  • Fix – Search result types icons are not displaying properly in mobile
  • Fix – Various PHP and Javascript warning/error fix