BuddyPress install + setup

Modified on March 8, 2015

In this tutorial I will teach you how to install and set up the BuddyPress social networking plugin.

Before watching this video…

  1. Install and set up WordPress.

1. Install BuddyPress (0:28)

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “buddypress”.
  3. BuddyPress should be the first result. Click “Install Now”.
  4. After WordPress finishes downloading the plugin, click “Activate Plugin”.

2. Activate BuddyPress components (2:04)

  1. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Components.
  2. Activate the components you plan on using. Do not activate all of them unless you need them all!
  3. Click “Save Settings”.

3. Attach pages to BuddyPress components (2:43)

  1. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Pages.
  2. BuddyPress should have automatically created and attached pages to your components. If not, or if you want editable pages for the “Register” and “Activate” components (not necessary) first create the pages at Pages > Add New and then return to here and select your new pages for each component.
  3. Click “Save Settings”.

4. Configure BuddyPress settings (3:54)

  1. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Settings.
  2. Select the settings you desire, such as Group creation, Account Deletion, etc.
  3. Click “Save Settings.”

Option: Allow new users to create accounts on your site

  1. Go to Settings > General. Select “Anyone can register” under Membership.
  2. Go to Settings > BuddyPress > Settings. Make sure “Show the Toolbar for logged out users” is set to “Yes”.

5. Set up user profile fields (6:28)

  1. Go to Users > Profile Fields.
  2. Add all profile fields you want to collect during initial user sign ups into the “Base” profile group (you can rename this).
  3. Create new profile field groups for collecting information after signup. Add the desired profile fields to these groups.

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What should be done , install buddypress first, then a theme or a theme first then buddypress ?

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

You could do either order and you'll get the same result, so it doesn't really matter much. I think it depends on if you plan on using BuddyPress or not. If you know you will use it, you might as well set up BuddyPress first and configure it. If you're not sure about using BuddyPress or not, then set up your theme first.


Don't know if this is the right place to share:

the order of installing was a of huge importance for me!

Theme or Buddypress first or later didn't matter much indeed like Michael said.

But first buddypress then (what i use) sensei, social learner theme, buddypress for sensei.

So anyone having trouble with buddypress not showing up in your sensei social learner enveronment, install buddypress FIRST.


Great video. I have followed all your steps, but when i log out and click back to my site, i am only able to log in, can you please help.

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Glad the video was helpful. Can you elaborate on the problem?


the menu bar at the top doesn't give me an option to register

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Go to Settings > General. Make sure you check "Anyone can register". Also go to Settings > BuddyPress > Settings. Check "Show the Toolbar for logged out users".


All that is done, but i only have the option to log in.

Could this be because i am the only user


Thank you, problem solved, it seemed as if i needed to update my site.

thank you for your assistance and your great video. your the man

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

No problemo. Glad to see it's working for you now 🙂


Hi, is there a simple way i can customize my registration page or is there any good plug-ins that you could recommend that would do something similar?

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Do you want to customize the look of it, or the content? To change the look you need to get your hands dirty and edit some CSS.


hi, im also want to customize my registration page. Which CSS page do I have to update? TQ

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Here's a tutorial teaching you how to edit CSS with BuddyBoss:


Log out of your site and head to your registration page. Then start inspecting the code to see which styles you need to edit (following that tutorial).

The CSS selectors will be things of this nature:

div#register-page .register-section


I have set up Buddypress, assigned pages, set extended profiles- but, I cannot find where to view the extended profile group I made. I have a base group, and a work group. I want users to be able to view and search the extended profile group also- for instance, search for all members in a particular city.

Please, how can I fix this? I have been searching a while to solve this.

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

When editing a profile, you can click on your username from the Toolbar at the top and navigate to Profile > Edit. Then click on the "Work" tab and you can edit the fields for that profile group.

For search, all fields should be searchable by default using the basic "Search Members" from BuddyPress. If you're using the BP Profile Search plugin, you'll need to go into its settings and manually add every profile group field you want it to be able to search. Go to Users > Profile Search and check the fields you want to be searchable.


I want the users to see all options of the menu after they are logged in, but do not know how to make that?

Could you help me with this?

Thanks and advance


Thank you for your excellent video tutorial.


That was useful, thanks! Especially the part about adding user fields, which makes it moe interesting to view profiles...

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Awesome, glad you found it helpful 🙂



This tutorial was very helpful. Im having trouble after signing users up. We can fill out all of the information in the new profile fields, however, once we press submit /"complete signups", no data is stored and no users are created. I've had multiple people try multiple times and no new users are showing up in the backend and none of the pictures they are uploading are being stored in media.

What do you think I am doing wrong?

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Glad you found it helpful 🙂

Not sure what is wrong, sounds like a BuddyPress issue specific to your site. I would suggest going to the BuddyPress forums for this one as I don't have a quick fix. https://buddypress.org/support/


Brilliant tutorial, thanks heaps mate!


Thank you for taking the time to make a simple easy to follow guide. Helpful video's like this give people equal opportunities to learn how to develop, enhance and design website social media options without years of IT schooling.

Sending you a whiskey from Scotland

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Thanks Mark! Glad you found it helpful. Cheers back from America!


Great tutorial!

though I hava some troubles with changing the permalinks. Everytime I change the permalinks to anything other than default (example given: http://fitconnect.nu/?page_id=74). When changing the permalink I see a 404 error.

Could anyone please help me out?

Profile photo of TJ Chester (Admin)

I'm not quite sure what that issue could be. You may want to contact BuddyPress for support with that issue.


Thanks for putting that together it was really easy to understand and very helpful!


Thanks you for a great video you have saved me a lot of headaches.


Hello Sir ,I got a question . I want to do a website which has users .Each user will have his/her own profile .

In this website one user will want to search a key word to find the another user. For example in blablacar.com users just type in search button where to go and they find the drivers .

I am a lil confused where to start now . which plugins should i use ? It would be very nice if u responde soon . thank you 🙂


how to set up log in page ??


As much as I have learned about Wordpress over the last several months I should know this but for some reason am stumped...I have a page set up and on my menu titled "register"...my problem is that when I click on the "register" link it goes straight to my home page...so I copied the address of the registration page and inserted in body of text as I have put shortcodes on other things...but of course that link stays on the page...and the other thing is how do I create a registration form for that page?...I am almost ready to release this website but just stumped on this....thanks! Rhonda

Profile photo of Michael Eisenwasser

Hey Rhonda, make sure you have registrations open on your site at Settings > General, check "Anyone can register". And in Settings > BuddyPress > Pages, set your Register page to the one you had created.


Is it possible to create a State --> City drop-down where the city drop-down is dependent on the state drop-down, and I don't have to manually input every city/state combination?


The activation emails are not sending. Contacted my hosting and they gave me the following:
Secure SSL/TLS Settings
Username: your full email address
Password: Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server: box399.bluehost.com

IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server: box399.bluehost.com

SMTP Port: 465

I'm still having trouble. They sent me to your video. Help!

Profile photo of TJ Chester (Admin)

This is a WordPress or hosting issue. You can try contacting your host for known issues or Try downloading one of the WordPress SMTP plugins. Please contact WordPress for additional help.


Hi, how long roughly does it take to setup buddypress on a website site typically?

Profile photo of TJ Chester (Admin)

Once WordPress is installed it only takes a couple minutes to install and configure BuddyPress.


When trying to set up Activate I am asked for an API. What is it and where do I find it? Thank you!

Profile photo of Varun Dubey

Hi Cynthia, Configuration of BuddyPress do not have any API setup.Please create a support ticket if you still have any issue.


Wonderful Video, Very Much Helpful For me...

Profile photo of Varun Dubey

Thanks for your feedback.


Really appreciated, Can we apply themes like with more functions in it?


Hey there,
I have one question want some clarification
Can I make website from buddy press like Twitter or Facebook what else will I need with buddy press

Profile photo of Varun Dubey

Yes, you can customize your site to look/function like twitter or facebook.