BuddyBoss App - Version 2.0.70

Release date: Sep 05, 2023


  • Enhancement: Coding Standards – Replace react-native-webview with webshell library which removes the read more for post content
  • Bug: Forums – App crashed when opening a forum discussion with a link preview
  • Bug: Notifications – Android 13 users were unable to grant Push Notification permissions
  • Bug: – Vimeo Video is showing blank in the App after last release.
  • Bug: Blog – When adding a Blog posts category link to the tab bar or more menu this did not redirect you to the blog post category
  • Bug: Notifications – LearnDash comment notification would take you to the lesson, not the comment
  • Bug: Profiles – Profile search was not working correctly
  • Bug: Branding – Text Highlight color and Background color were not working within app pages
  • Bug: Core – Buddypress Profle & Group creator pro tabs were loading in web-fallback rather as deeplink on first login.
  • Bug: – When the Events calendar plugin is activated, the deeplink is not working for the fetched Featured image of the course on Activity feed
  • Bug: Media – Videos were not being played when WP Offload is installed
  • Bug: Activity – When editing a post in Discussions or Discussions reply, users were unable to remove Giff’s
  • Bug: – Landscape Mode not working for custom post type and wordpress page videos