BuddyBoss App - Version 2.0.60

Release date: Aug 22, 2023


  • New Feature! New Feature! – Provide a Maintenance Screen for when customers require the app to be unavailable
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – New hook added > setListSearchHeaderHeight
  • Enhancement: LearnDash – Students were still able to pay and enroll onto a course that had already hit the maximum student limit
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – New hooks for Create Post screen
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – Custom Development > Activity Comments > Add comment details prop (BB Community app)
  • Enhancement: Core – Updated react-native-webview library from version ^11.4.0 to version 12.0.2
  • Bug: LearnDash – When enrolling into a course for the first time enrolment button should say “take this course”, instead of “start course”
  • Bug: Profiles – When BuddyBoss Platform disabled, remove ‘>’ icon next to username that takes you to platform settings
  • Bug: Profiles – Users were receiving sizing error messaging when uploading profile cover image
  • Bug: Core – Posting a video comment on a photo or other video post, was not detecting without the use of text also
  • Bug: Forums – Creating a discussion in forum not within a group, the text editor was missing video, photo and document icon
  • Bug: Core – Going back from Messaging screen to Profile screen was causing the App to crash
  • Bug: Activity – Link Preview’s in the activity feed were not styling correctly and did not match web-fallback
  • Bug: Core – Web fallback pages returned the blank page after internet connection restored on iOS devices
  • Bug: Core – When linking to facebook stories within app browser was not loading the web-fallback page
  • Bug: Groups – Group Subscriptions button & status not working as expected when subscribing and unsubscribing to groups
  • Bug: Core – Sound from video carried on playing even after navigating to the next lesson.
  • Bug: Activity – When posting a Giff within a comment some users were experiencing server connection error message
  • Bug: Core – Critical Error was showing for users with Android 9 when downloading Media (Photos, Videos and Documents)
  • Bug: Activity – When posting Image, video or Giff within a photo or video comment, the model would not show correctly
  • Messages – Unable to create group messages with someone you already have a private message with has now been resolved