BuddyBoss App - Version 2.0.50

Release date: Aug 07, 2023


  • New Feature! LearnDash – Comments now supported on Course Lessons and Topics
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – Styling options of the comment container available for customization
  • Enhancement: App Pages – When using ‘See All’ on the Blog Block, it will load the blog screen with the filtered results. This enhancement also enables the blog directory screen to select multiple categories from the filter
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – New hook created for ActivityCommentAvatar (user’s avatar on activity comments)
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – New hook to allow navigation header to be hidden
  • Bug: Groups – Activity notifications were still received after leaving a hidden group
  • Bug: Blog – Comment Reply option was incorrectly displayed for logged out users
  • Bug: LearnDash – Course Author details will now show ellipsis when exceeding 25 characters to avoid extending outside the app screen
  • Bug: Profiles – User Avatar now uses BuddyBoss Platform Pro as the default if configured
  • Bug: LearnDash – Completed quizzes allowed students to change their answer after completion
  • Bug: Notifications – Manual Push Notifications with a custom URL now open directly instead of Notifications screen
  • Bug: Groups – Heading buttons were misaligned to the left
  • Bug: Core – Custom Post categories now redirect to the web fallback page instead of default Blog screen
  • Bug: App Pages – Blog Posts Block was not rendering correctly if no featured image was provided
  • Bug: Translations – Updates to Send Invites screen to include Profile Type
  • Bug: Branding – Document upload icon not mapped to the appropriate Branding color
  • Bug: Core – Logged out users could incorrectly see ‘My’ tab filters on the media screens
  • Bug: Media – Image positioning fixed when viewed in landscape orientation
  • Bug: Zoom – Meeting links should now open Zoom app if installed on the device, if not user will be redirected to in-app browser recommending the app store download
  • Bug: App Block – Courses Block was not positioned correctly when viewing in landscape
  • Bug: Messages – Notification count now updating correctly after Platform compatibility update
  • Bug: LearnDash – Sample Lessons & Topics displayed an error message when contained inside a Closed Course
  • Bug: LearnDash – Quiz progress was not syncing correctly from web to app
  • Bug: Vimeo – Privacy error message displayed when using HTML embed block