BuddyBoss App - Version 2.0.40

Release date: Jul 25, 2023


  • New Features: Messages – Allow specific profiles types to send messages without being connected
  • Enhancements: Custom Development – New hook to allow users to automatically navigate to next lesson or topic on press of Mark Complete
  • Enhancements: Custom Development – New hook to allow for a component to be added after a index list header
  • Enhancements: Custom Development – New hook provided to customize posts widget title
  • Bugs: Access Controls – App screen rules updated to ensure access is correctly applied
  • Bugs: Activity – Blogs using landscape images as link previews overextended the block and off the screen
  • Bugs: Blog – Reply to Blog comment UI issue fixed
  • Bugs: Core – Images added using image blocks in Forums were not showing correct formatting
  • Bugs: Core – Updated react-native-video-player library to support the auth token for videos which had issues playing
  • Bugs: Custom Development – Android builds were failing if the repo name is different then buddyboss-custom-code
  • Bugs: Forums – Discussion Reply notification doesn’t scroll user to the reply when the number of replies is high
  • Bugs: Groups – Fixed scrolling issue on the Members list on Android devices
  • Bugs: Groups – Improved Group names to fall onto a second line
  • Bugs: Groups – Member request screen was not being refreshed after action was taken
  • Bugs: LearnDash – App crashed when Quiz Description contains an iframe
  • Bugs: LearnDash – H5P video playback issues fixed for Android devices
  • Bugs: LearnDash – Quiz question tab bar background was not using branding colors
  • Bugs: Media – Portrait video stretched when enlarged and Android devices automatically playback in landscape
  • Bugs: Media – Upload icon incorrectly shown when viewing another user’s documents
  • Bugs: Media – Vertical video previews were not correctly displayed
  • Bugs: Messages – Long threaded messages were not fully showing on specific Android devices
  • Bugs: Notifications – Critical error resolved if devices are logged in as the same user and viewing Notifications
  • Bugs: Profiles – Date field in “Repeater field” was not saving on iOS due to “Invalid date” error