BuddyBoss App - Version 1.3.8

Release date: Nov 16, 2021


  • Custom Development – Added hooks to customize the previous and next buttons on LearnDash lessons, topics, and quizzes
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to customize the Discussions block
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to customize the header buttons on the profile screen
  • Custom Development – Added a hook to customize the headerRight component on the Notifications screen
  • Registration – Integrated In-App Purchases into the registration process allowing membership purchase before account activation. This can be configured so membership purchase occurs before, during, or after registration.
  • Branding – Added new Logged-in Member and Settings Tab Bar screens


  • Permissions – Changed the user flow of accepting and rejecting image and video permissions. If the user declines the permission they will be directed to their phone’s settings to enable it.


  • Deeplinking – Fixed a crash that can occur when deeplinking to a LearnDash Topic
  • Notifications – Fixed a crash when opening an image attached to a notification
  • Reporting – Fixed a crash when reporting an activity with multiple photos
  • Analytics – Analytics will now show for iOS apps
  • Activities – Fixed a crash that can occur in the Activities block when it attempts to display a post of a deleted user
  • Activities – Videos no longer remaining playing in the background after being closed
  • Activities – Disabled the “Move” button for photos and videos in activity comments
  • Branding – Fixed an issue where Tab Bar icons were not using the correct color
  • Content – Using links inside a Table block will no longer break it’s layout
  • Messages – Fixed the functionality of the send message button