<ProfileActivitiesScreen />


# <ProfileActivitiesScreen />

You can use this component to display the Profile Activites Screen in your custom screen.

Name Type Attributes Description
userId Number <optional>

You can use this to display a specific user's profile activities by assigning their userId as this props's value

screenTitle String <optional>

List screen title

searchTerm String <optional>

If the user is not yet available in the app state, the component will attempt to load a list of users. You can use this field to search for the specific user you want to load instead of loading a list of users.

hideBackButton Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide the back button. By default, the button will use react-navigation's goBack() function. This can be changed using the setBackButtonRenderer hook.

hideNewActivityButton Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide the new activity button

hideNavigationHeader Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide the screen title container when scrolling

headerHeight Number <optional>

Define header height

LoadingComponent ReactComponent <optional>

Use this to display your own loading component while the screen is loading


Replace a screen from the menu tab to show only a specific user's activities

//In custom_code/components/MyCustomScreen.js...

import React from 'react';
import ProfileActivitiesScreen from '@src/containers/Custom/Profile/ProfileActivitiesScreen';
const MyCustomScreen = (props) => {

 if (!props.isFocused)
   return null;

 return <ProfileActivitiesScreen
     screenTitle="Timeline of Tony"
     // hideNewActivityButton={false}
     // hideNavigationHeader={false}
     // headerHeight={80}


export default MyCustomScreen;

//In custom_code/index.js...


import MyCustomScreen from "./components/MyCustomScreen";
export const applyCustomCode = externalCodeSetup => {
  externalCodeSetup.navigationApi.replaceScreenComponent("blog", MyCustomScreen);