<MessagesSingleScreen />


# <MessagesSingleScreen />

You can use this component to display your Groups Single Screen in your custom screen.

Name Type Attributes Description
messageThreadId Number <optional>

Id of message thread to display

screenTitle String <optional>

List screen title

searchTerm String <optional>

If the message thead is not yet available in the app state, the component will attempt to load a list of messages. You can use this field to search for the specific message you want to load instead of loading a list of messages.

hideActionButton Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide the action button in the right part of the header

hideBackButton Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide back button

hideCancelButton Boolean <optional>

Use true to hide cancel button when creating a new message

hideNavigationHeader <optional>

Use true to hide the screen title container

LoadingComponent ReactComponent <optional>

Use this to display your own loading component while the screen is loading

//In custom_code/components/MyCustomScreen.js...

import React from 'react';
import { View } from 'react-native';
import MessagesSingleScreen from "@src/containers/Custom/MessagesSingleScreen";

const MyCustomScreen = (props) => {
 return <View style={{flex: 1, paddingBottom: 80}}>
     <MessagesSingleScreen {...props} messageThreadId={4} />

MyCustomScreen.navigationOptions = {
 header: null

export default MyCustomScreen;

//In custom_code/index.js...
import MyCustomScreen from "./components/MyCustomScreen";
export const applyCustomCode = externalCodeSetup => {