MarketPlace 1.5.3

Released October 24, 2017


  • Fix – Form Inputs JavaScript setting is disabled in OneSocial, however dropdown reverts to OneSocial style after the ajax call
  • Fix – Register as Vendors does not works when default user role is not a subscriber
  • Fix – Sellers and Stores page performance optimization
  • Fix – Increase priority of pre_get_posts to fix shop search
  • Fix – Various notices/warnings
  • Fix – Top navigation menu items disappear after searching in location widget
  • Fix – Vendor should be forced to activate the account as soon as they submit vendor registration form
  • Fix – Vendors are not showing in the auto suggestion list when editing homepage Featured Sellers widgets
  • Fix – Check for the Selects is defined before init_selects
  • Fix – Vendor user becomes subscriber when admin user manually activates the account from Admin > Users > Pending
  • Fix – Add to Favorites does not show for some vendors
  • Fix – Save Changes button does nothing on the Vendor Dashboard setting form
  • Tweak – Improve add to favorite button style for better mobile experience