MarketPlace 1.4.0

Released April 15, 2017


  • Fix – Register fixes to become Vendor
  • Fix – Shop name when sharing link on Facebook
  • Fix – Product feed widget on homepage still shows the deleted product
  • Fix – PHP Warning and Notices
  • Fix – Vendor product image upload issue
  • Fix – WooCommerce loop_shop_per_page filter not working
  • Fix – Cant swipe up/down on single product page after reaching the product pictures point
  • Fix – Terms and conditions option for vendors on Registration overlay form
  • Fix – When user apply color filter in shop page or shop category, the website don’t load the footer
  • Fix – MarketPlace widget menu items are not clickable on mobile
  • Fix – Font family inside typography is being overridden by hardcoded ones inside css files
  • Fix – Cant override single-product-reviews.php
  • Fix – Out of stock Item is also included in listing of products on single product page
  • Fix – Serving Scaled Images
  • Fix – Product gallery sometime show duplicate images. Showing product featured images 2 times in lightbox
  • Fix – JS Error in browser console
  • Fix – Search field on Sellers page for sellers says Stores
  • Fix – In Vendor dashboard category men and sticky menu overlap with the order detail popup
  • Fix – Recent product widget column settings issue fix
  • Fix – Geodirectory conflict fix
  • Fix – WooCommerce 3.0 Product Gallery fixes
  • Fix – Sub categories for all Marketplace categories do then not display
  • Fix – Updated placeholder text
  • Fix – Pagination on Vendor > Product listing page