We are BuddyPress Web Developers

BuddyBoss was founded by web developers excited about bringing the social web within reach of regular businesses and organizations, from the local book club to the largest corporations. We believe that businesses wishing to foster an online community should have the freedom to develop their communities under their own brand, rather than setting up shop within the proprietary environment of another company. BuddyPress is leading the way in this area by empowering companies and organizations to create custom, fully owned and controlled online community websites.

BuddyBoss is here to spread the word about BuddyPress, to contribute to the BuddyPress community, and to help organizations build fantastic, lively communities for their fans and followers.

Why We Love BuddyPress

Like WordPress, its parent platform, BuddyPress is open-source and free. BuddyPress has a large library of plugins built specifically for it, and over 20,000 WordPress plugins that can be used in conjunction with it. BuddyPress has a very active developer community, and it’s built on a rock-solid platform with over 54 million users. Because of its fantastic functionality, easy customization, and foundations in the most popular website platform in the world, we’re confident that BuddyPress will continue to establish itself as the dominant open-source social networking platform. Since we began with BuddyPress it has seen an explosion in popularity, currently averaging about 1000 downloads per day. BuddyPress is moving forward at a rapid pace and is definitely here to stay.

Ready to Build a Community?

We know BuddyPress inside and out and we’d be happy to discuss your project. We do both WordPress and BuddyPress projects. Please fill out the form below to get started.

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