BuddyBoss Platform - Version 2.5.70

Release date: Mar 19, 2024


  • Bug: Core - Create Account button and privacy policy checkbox were showing in the confirm email address notice screen and have now been removed
  • Bug: Core - Reactions migration tool was taking too long when migrating large numbers of Likes
  • Bug: Core - Updated background process log logic to maintain the log table size between 500MB or less and no larger than 1GB
  • Bug: Forums - Discussions and replies in secondary languages were not displayed on the users profile page discussions tab
  • Bug: Groups - When promoting a member in the the group to co-organizer or moderator the users were losing course access

File Changes:

  • src/bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin-tools.php
  • src/bp-core/bp-core-update.php
  • src/bp-core/classes/class-bb-bg-process-log.php
  • src/bp-core/compatibility/class-bb-wpml-helpers.php
  • src/bp-integrations/learndash/buddypress/Sync.php
  • src/bp-integrations/learndash/library/SyncGenerator.php
  • src/bp-loader.php
  • src/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress/members/register.php
  • src/class-buddypress.php
  • src/languages/buddyboss.pot
  • src/readme.txt