BuddyBoss Platform - Version 1.1.7


  • Profiles - Fixed issues with duplicate Name fields in some installations
  • Forums - Fixed media not displaying in replies, due to Lazy Load issues
  • Forums - Fixed formatting displaying as HTML when replying as non-admin
  • Forums - Fixed emoji displaying too big, for new forum replies only
  • Forums - Fixed GIFs not working, unless Photos was also enabled in Media settings
  • Groups - When using Group Types with custom role labels, using correct label now in discussions
  • Activity - When '(BB) Connections' widget was used on Activity page, it was not working correctly
  • Login - Fixed layout of login page, when 'Privacy' is enabled with Privacy page used
  • Messages - Fixed issues with invalid usernames while sending messages
  • Registration - When using Profile Type, and hiding First Name and Last Name, fixed conditional logic
  • Registration - When using Profile Type, and validation show errors, conditional fields remain now
  • Registration - Added validation telling users to use lowercase or number characters for 'Nickname'
  • WooCommerce - When purchasing while logged out, and creating a new account, we now send account activation email
  • Compatibility - Improved support for 'Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) Pro' plugin