BuddyBoss Platform - Version 1.1.3


  • Profiles - Allow users to self-select 'Profile Type' via new profile field
  • Activity - Fixed issue with commenting on activity after clicking 'Load More' multiple times
  • Activity - Fixed media posted in activity feed not always displaying
  • Activity - Fixed photos added to group feed not displaying in group photos tab
  • Activity - Fixed clicking 'Read more' link hiding the media attachment
  • Messages - Fixed members without First Name displaying in messages as 'Deleted User'
  • Groups - Status button said "You're an Member" instead of "You're a Member"
  • Compatibility - Allow 'Events Manager' and other plugins to activate properly with Platform
  • Migration - Fixed 'Nickname' field not displaying after migrating from BuddyPress
  • Errors - Fixed various PHP errors in certain situations