BuddyBoss Platform - Version 1.1.2

Release date: Jul 10, 2019


  • Activity - Fixed media popup showing no image with Groups component enabled
  • Activity - Fixed word-wrapping when long sentences are posted in activity
  • Activity - Fixed crop ratio for wide/landscape media images
  • Activity - Fixed media disappearing when clicking 'Read more' in activity feed
  • Activity - Show admin notice when 'Heartbeat API' is disabled, for 'auto-refresh'
  • Media - Improved the image rotation script for photos uploaded in mobile browsers
  • Media - Improved experience for media migrations, and ability to re-migrate
  • Profile Types - When creating new type, fixed issue when selecting 'None' as WordPress role
  • Multisite - Fixed issue with names not displaying in sub-sites
  • LearnDash - Fixed conflict with 'Memberium' protected content in Lesson sidebar
  • LearnDash - Now using WordPress 'Date Format' for dates in LearnDash
  • Compatibility - Fixed default avatar conflict with 'WP User Avatar' plugin
  • Compatibility - Fixed registration field syncing with 'WooCommerce Memberships' plugin
  • Errors - Fixed various PHP errors in certain situations