BuddyBoss App Plugin - Version 2.0.20

Release date: Dec 11, 2023


  • Bug: LearnDash - Hiding courses from LearnDash integrations was not saving and were showing back again once clicking on Save
  • Bug: Menus - When adding a menu option to the More Menu, the preview display does not update to show the new added menu in either iOS and Android
  • Bug: Notifications - The search bar was not working for push notification when sending new push notification
  • Bug: Styling - Push Notification Title and Message limit colors were not changing when we omit characters

File Changes:

  • assets/js/admin.js
  • assets/js/admin.js.map
  • buddyboss-app.php
  • include/App/Format/default_langs.json
  • languages/buddyboss-app.pot
  • package.json
  • readme.txt
  • src/js/admin/appmenu/index.js
  • src/js/admin/notification/index.js
  • src/js/admin/settings/selector-section.js
  • views/preview/common/styles.php
  • views/preview/screens/more.php