Perform database updates for BP 1.9.2.


In 1.9, BuddyPress stopped registering its theme directory when it detected that bp-default (or a child theme) was not currently being used, in effect deprecating bp-default. However, this ended up causing problems when site admins using bp-default would switch away from the theme temporarily: bp-default would no longer be available, with no obvious way (outside of a manual filter) to restore it. In 1.9.2, we add an option that flags whether bp-default or a child theme is active at the time of upgrade; if so,

the theme directory will continue to be registered even if the theme is deactivated temporarily. Thus, new installations will not see bp-default, but legacy installations using the theme will continue to see it.


File: bp-core/bp-core-update.php

function bp_update_to_1_9_2() {
	if ( 'bp-default' === get_stylesheet() || 'bp-default' === get_template() ) {
		update_site_option( '_bp_retain_bp_default', 1 );


Version Description
BuddyPress 1.9.2 Introduced.


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