Create fake “post” objects for BP’s logged-in nav menu for use in the WordPress “Menus” settings page.


WordPress nav menus work by representing post or tax term data as a custom post type, which is then used to populate the checkboxes that appear on Dashboard > Appearance > Menu as well as the menu as rendered on the front end. Most of the items in the BuddyPress set of nav items are neither posts nor tax terms, so we fake a post-like object so as to be compatible with the menu.

This technique also allows us to generate links dynamically, so that, for example, "My Profile" will always point to the URL of the profile of the logged-in user.


(mixed) A URL or an array of dummy pages.


File: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php

function bp_nav_menu_get_loggedin_pages() {

	// Try to catch the cached version first.
	if ( ! empty( buddypress()->wp_nav_menu_items->loggedin ) ) {
		return buddypress()->wp_nav_menu_items->loggedin;

	// Pull up a list of items registered in BP's primary nav for the member.
	$bp_menu_items = buddypress()->members->nav->get_primary();

	// Some BP nav menu items will not be represented in bp_nav, because
	// they are not real BP components. We add them manually here.
	$bp_menu_items[] = array(
		'name' => __( 'Log Out', 'buddyboss' ),
		'slug' => 'logout',
		'link' => wp_logout_url(),

	// If there's nothing to show, we're done.
	if ( count( $bp_menu_items ) < 1 ) {
		return false;

	$page_args = array();

	foreach ( $bp_menu_items as $bp_item ) {

		// Remove <span>number</span>.
		$item_name = _bp_strip_spans_from_title( $bp_item['name'] );

		$page_args[ $bp_item['slug'] ] = (object) array(
			'ID'             => -1,
			'post_title'     => $item_name,
			'post_author'    => 0,
			'post_date'      => 0,
			'post_excerpt'   => $bp_item['slug'],
			'post_type'      => 'page',
			'post_status'    => 'publish',
			'comment_status' => 'closed',
			'guid'           => $bp_item['link']

	if ( empty( buddypress()->wp_nav_menu_items ) ) {
		buddypress()->wp_nav_menu_items = new stdClass;

	buddypress()->wp_nav_menu_items->loggedin = $page_args;

	return $page_args;


Version Description
BuddyPress 1.9.0 Introduced.


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