bp_get_parent_group_id( int|bool $group_id = false, int|bool $user_id = false, string $context = 'normal' )

Get the parent group ID for a specific group.


To return the parent group regardless of visibility, leave the $user_id parameter empty. To return the parent only when visible to a specific user, specify a $user_id.



(int|bool) (Optional) ID of the group.

Default value: false


(int|bool) (Optional) ID of a user to check group visibility for.

Default value: false


(string) (Optional) See bp_include_group_by_context() for description.

Default value: 'normal'


(int) ID of parent group.


File: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php

function bp_get_parent_group_id( $group_id = false, $user_id = false, $context = 'normal' ) {
	if ( false === $group_id ) {
		$group_id = bp_get_current_group_id();
		if ( ! $group_id ) {
			// If we can't resolve the group_id, don't proceed.
			return 0;

	$group     = groups_get_group( $group_id );
	$parent_id = $group->parent_id;

	// If the user is specified, is the parent group visible to that user?
	// @TODO: This could make use of group visibility when available.
	if ( false !== $user_id && ! bp_user_can( $user_id, 'bp_moderate' ) ) {
		$parent_group = groups_get_group( $parent_id );
		if ( ! bp_include_group_by_context( $parent_group, $user_id, $context ) ) {
			$parent_id = 0;

	return (int) $parent_id;


Version Description
BuddyBoss 1.0.0 Introduced.


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