bp_get_member_types( array|string $args = array(), string $output = 'names', string $operator = 'and' )

Get a list of all registered profile type objects.


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(array|string) (Optional) An array of key => value arguments to match against the profile type objects.

Default value: array()


(string) (Optional) The type of output to return. Accepts 'names' or 'objects'.

Default value: 'names'


(string) (Optional) The logical operation to perform. 'or' means only one element from the array needs to match; 'and' means all elements must match. Accepts 'or' or 'and'.

Default value: 'and'


(array) A list of profile type names or objects.


File: bp-members/bp-members-functions.php

function bp_get_member_types( $args = array(), $output = 'names', $operator = 'and' ) {
	$types = buddypress()->members->types;

	$types = wp_filter_object_list( $types, $args, $operator );

	 * Filters the array of profile type objects.
	 * This filter is run before the $output filter has been applied, so that
	 * filtering functions have access to the entire profile type objects.
	 * @since BuddyPress 2.2.0
	 * @param array  $types     profile type objects, keyed by name.
	 * @param array  $args      Array of key=>value arguments for filtering.
	 * @param string $operator  'or' to match any of $args, 'and' to require all.
	$types = apply_filters( 'bp_get_member_types', $types, $args, $operator );

	if ( 'names' === $output ) {
		$types = wp_list_pluck( $types, 'name' );

	return $types;


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.2.0 Introduced.


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