bp_core_register_subnav_screen_function( array|string $args = '', string $component = 'members' )

Register a screen function, whether or not a related subnav link exists.




(array|string) (Optional) Array describing the new subnav item.

  • 'slug'
    (string) Unique URL slug for the subnav item.
  • 'parent_slug'
    (string) Slug of the top-level nav item under which the new subnav item should be added.
  • 'parent_url'
    (string) URL of the parent nav item.
  • 'user_has_access'
    (bool) Optional. True if the logged-in user has access to the subnav item, otherwise false. Can be set dynamically when registering the subnav; eg, use bp_is_my_profile() to restrict access to profile owners only. Default: true.
  • 'site_admin_only'
    (bool) Optional. Whether the nav item should be visible only to site admins (those with the 'bp_moderate' cap). Default: false.
  • 'position'
    (int) Optional. Numerical index specifying where the item should appear in the subnav array. Default: 90.
  • 'screen_function'
    (callable) The callback function that will run when the nav item is clicked.
  • 'link'
    (string) Optional. The URL that the subnav item should point to. Defaults to a value generated from the $parent_url + $slug.
  • 'show_in_admin_bar'
    (bool) Optional. Whether the nav item should be added into the group's "Edit" Admin Bar menu for group admins. Default: false.

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional) The component the navigation is attached to. Defaults to 'members'.

Default value: 'members'


(null|false) Returns false on failure.


File: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php

function bp_core_register_subnav_screen_function( $args = '', $component = 'members' ) {
	$bp = buddypress();

	$r = wp_parse_args( $args, array(
		'slug'              => false, // URL slug for the screen.
		'parent_slug'       => false, // URL slug of the parent screen.
		'user_has_access'   => true,  // Can the user visit this screen?
		'no_access_url'     => '',
		'site_admin_only'   => false, // Can only site admins visit this screen?
		'screen_function'   => false, // The name of the function to run when clicked.
	) );

	 * Hook the screen function for the added subnav item. But this only needs to
	 * be done if this subnav item is the current view, and the user has access to the
	 * subnav item. We figure out whether we're currently viewing this subnav by
	 * checking the following two conditions:
	 *   (1) Either:
	 *       (a) the parent slug matches the current_component, or
	 *       (b) the parent slug matches the current_item
	 *   (2) And either:
	 *       (a) the current_action matches $slug, or
	 *       (b) there is no current_action (ie, this is the default subnav for the parent nav)
	 *       and this subnav item is the default for the parent item (which we check by
	 *       comparing this subnav item's screen function with the screen function of the
	 *       parent nav item in the component's primary nav). This condition only arises
	 *       when viewing a user, since groups should always have an action set.

	// If we *don't* meet condition (1), return.
	if ( ! bp_is_current_component( $r['parent_slug'] ) && ! bp_is_current_item( $r['parent_slug'] ) ) {

	$parent_nav = $bp->{$component}->nav->get_primary( array( 'slug' => $r['parent_slug'] ), false );
	if ( is_array( $parent_nav ) ) {
 		$parent_nav = reset( $parent_nav );

	// If we *do* meet condition (2), then the added subnav item is currently being requested.
	if ( ( bp_current_action() && bp_is_current_action( $r['slug'] ) ) || ( bp_is_user() && ! bp_current_action() && ! empty( $parent_nav->screen_function ) && $r['screen_function'] == $parent_nav->screen_function ) ) {

		// If this is for site admins only and the user is not one, don't create the subnav item.
		if ( ! empty( $r['site_admin_only'] ) && ! bp_current_user_can( 'bp_moderate' ) ) {
			return false;

		$hooked = bp_core_maybe_hook_new_subnav_screen_function( $r, $component );

		// If redirect args have been returned, perform the redirect now.
		if ( ! empty( $hooked['status'] ) && 'failure' === $hooked['status'] && isset( $hooked['redirect_args'] ) ) {
			bp_core_no_access( $hooked['redirect_args'] );


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.4.0 Introduced.


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