bp_blogs_can_comment_reply( bool $retval, object|array $comment )

Check if an activity comment associated with a blog post can be replied to.


By default, disables replying to activity comments if the corresponding WP blog post no longer accepts comments.

This check uses a locally-cached value set in bp_blogs_disable_activity_commenting() via bp_blogs_setup_activity_loop_globals().



(bool) (Required) Are replies allowed for this activity reply.


(object|array) (Required) The activity comment object.




File: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-activity.php

function bp_blogs_can_comment_reply( $retval, $comment ) {
	if ( is_array( $comment ) ) {
		$comment = (object) $comment;

	// Check comment depth and disable if depth is too large.
	if ( isset( buddypress()->blogs->thread_depth[$comment->item_id] ) ){
		if ( bp_activity_get_comment_depth( $comment ) >= buddypress()->blogs->thread_depth[$comment->item_id] ) {
			$retval = false;

	// Check if we should disable activity replies based on the parent activity.
	if ( isset( buddypress()->blogs->allow_comments[$comment->item_id] ) ){
		// The blog post has closed off commenting, so we should disable all activity
		// comments under the parent 'new_blog_post' activity entry.
		if ( empty( buddypress()->blogs->allow_comments[$comment->item_id] ) ) {
			$retval = false;

	// If comments need moderation, disable activity commenting.
	if ( ! empty( buddypress()->blogs->comment_moderation[$comment->item_id] ) ) {
		$retval = false;

	return $retval;


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.0.0 Introduced.


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