bbp_sanitize_displayed_user_field( string $value = '', string $field = '', string $context = 'display' )

Sanitize displayed user data, when viewing and editing any user.


This somewhat monolithic function handles the escaping and sanitization of user data for a Forums profile. There are two reasons this all happers here:

  1. Forums took a similar approach to WordPress, and funnels all user profile data through a central helper. This eventually calls sanitize_user_field() which applies a few context based filters, which some third party plugins might be relying on Forums to play nicely with.

  2. Early versions of bbPress 2.x templates did not escape this data meaning a backwards compatible approach like this one was necessary to protect existing installations that may have custom template parts.



(string) (Optional)

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional)

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional)

Default value: 'display'




File: bp-forums/users/functions.php

function bbp_sanitize_displayed_user_field( $value = '', $field = '', $context = 'display' ) {

	// Bail if not editing or displaying (maybe we'll do more here later)
	if ( ! in_array( $context, array( 'edit', 'display' ) ) ) {
		return $value;

	// By default, no filter set (consider making this an array later)
	$filter = false;

	// Big switch statement to decide which user field we're sanitizing and how
	switch ( $field ) {

		// Description is a paragraph
		case 'description' :
			$filter = ( 'edit' === $context ) ? '' : 'wp_kses_data';

		// Email addresses are sanitized with a specific function
		case 'user_email'  :
			$filter = 'sanitize_email';

		// Name & login fields
		case 'user_login'   :
		case 'display_name' :
		case 'first_name'   :
		case 'last_name'    :
		case 'nick_name'    :
			$filter = ( 'edit' === $context ) ? 'esc_attr' : 'esc_html';

		// wp-includes/default-filters.php escapes this for us via esc_url()
		case 'user_url' :

	// Run any applicable filters on the value
	if ( ! empty( $filter ) ) {
		$value = call_user_func( $filter, $value );

	return $value;


Version Description
bbPress (r5368) Introduced.


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