bbp_is_valid_role( string $role = '' )

Check if a role ID is valid


This helper function accepts a role ID as a string, and compares it against the array of registered dynamic roles.

Use this function anytime you are manually attempting to set a user role without using the bbp_set_user_role() function, or if you need to halt additional processing during role validation.



(string) (Optional) A well-formed (string) role ID to validate

Default value: ''


(bool) True if role is valid. False if role is not valid.


File: bp-forums/users/capabilities.php

function bbp_is_valid_role( $role = '' ) {

	// Default return value
	$retval = false;

	// Skip if no role to check
	if ( ! empty( $role ) && is_string( $role ) ) {

		// Get the dynamic role IDs
		$roles = array_keys( bbp_get_dynamic_roles() );

		// Skip if no known role IDs
		if ( ! empty( $roles ) ) {

			// Is role in dynamic roles array?
			$retval = in_array( $role, $roles, true );

	// Filter & return
	return (bool) apply_filters( 'bbp_is_valid_role', $retval, $role );


Version Description
BBPress 2.6.5 Introduced.


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