bbp_fix_post_author( array $data = array(), array $postarr = array() )

Fix post author id on post save


When a logged in user changes the status of an anonymous reply or topic, or edits it, the post_author field is set to the logged in user’s id. This function fixes that.



(array) (Optional) Post data

Default value: array()


(array) (Optional) Original post array (includes post id)

Default value: array()


(array) Data


File: bp-forums/common/functions.php

function bbp_fix_post_author( $data = array(), $postarr = array() ) {

	// Post is not being updated or the post_author is already 0, return
	if ( empty( $postarr['ID'] ) || empty( $data['post_author'] ) )
		return $data;

	// Post is not a topic or reply, return
	if ( !in_array( $data['post_type'], array( bbp_get_topic_post_type(), bbp_get_reply_post_type() ) ) )
		return $data;

	// Is the post by an anonymous user?
	if ( ( bbp_get_topic_post_type() === $data['post_type'] && !bbp_is_topic_anonymous( $postarr['ID'] ) ) ||
	     ( bbp_get_reply_post_type() === $data['post_type'] && !bbp_is_reply_anonymous( $postarr['ID'] ) ) )
		return $data;

	// The post is being updated. It is a topic or a reply and is written by an anonymous user.
	// Set the post_author back to 0
	$data['post_author'] = 0;

	return $data;


Version Description
bbPress (r2734) Introduced.


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