_bbp_reinit_dynamic_roles( array $roles = array() )

This is necessary because in a few places (noted below) WordPress initializes a blog’s roles directly from the database option. When this happens, the $wp_roles global gets flushed, causing a user to magically lose any dynamically assigned roles or capabilities when $current_user in refreshed.


Because dynamic multiple roles is a new concept in WordPress, we work around it here for now, knowing that improvements will come to WordPress core later.

Also note that if using the $wp_user_roles global non-database approach, Forums does not have an intercept point to add its dynamic roles.

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(array) (Optional)

Default value: array()


(array) Combined array of database roles and dynamic Forums roles


File: bp-forums/core/capabilities.php

function _bbp_reinit_dynamic_roles( $roles = array() ) {
	foreach ( bbp_get_dynamic_roles() as $role_id => $details ) {
		$roles[$role_id] = $details;
	return $roles;


Version Description
bbPress (r4363) Introduced.


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