BP_XProfile_Query::find_compatible_table_alias( array $clause, array $parent_query )

Identify an existing table alias that is compatible with the current query clause.


We avoid unnecessary table joins by allowing each clause to look for an existing table alias that is compatible with the query that it needs to perform. An existing alias is compatible if (a) it is a sibling of $clause (ie, it’s under the scope of the same relation), and (b) the combination of operator and relation between the clauses allows for a shared table join. In the case of BP_XProfile_Query, this * only applies to IN clauses that are connected by the relation OR.



(array) (Required) Query clause.


(array) (Required) Parent query of $clause.


(string|bool) Table alias if found, otherwise false.


File: bp-xprofile/classes/class-bp-xprofile-query.php

	protected function find_compatible_table_alias( $clause, $parent_query ) {
		$alias = false;

		foreach ( $parent_query as $sibling ) {
			// If the sibling has no alias yet, there's nothing to check.
			if ( empty( $sibling['alias'] ) ) {

			// We're only interested in siblings that are first-order clauses.
			if ( ! is_array( $sibling ) || ! $this->is_first_order_clause( $sibling ) ) {

			$compatible_compares = array();

			// Clauses connected by OR can share joins as long as they have "positive" operators.
			if ( 'OR' === $parent_query['relation'] ) {
				$compatible_compares = array( '=', 'IN', 'BETWEEN', 'LIKE', 'REGEXP', 'RLIKE', '>', '>=', '<', '<=' );

			// Clauses joined by AND with "negative" operators share a join only if they also share a key.
			} elseif ( isset( $sibling['field'] ) && isset( $clause['field'] ) && $sibling['field'] === $clause['field'] ) {
				$compatible_compares = array( '!=', 'NOT IN', 'NOT LIKE' );

			$clause_compare  = strtoupper( $clause['compare'] );
			$sibling_compare = strtoupper( $sibling['compare'] );
			if ( in_array( $clause_compare, $compatible_compares ) && in_array( $sibling_compare, $compatible_compares ) ) {
				$alias = $sibling['alias'];

		return $alias;


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.2.0 Introduced.


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