BP_XProfile_Field_Type::edit_field_options_html( array $args = array() )

Output the edit field options HTML for this field type.


BuddyPress considers a field’s "options" to be, for example, the items in a selectbox. These are stored separately in the database, and their templating is handled separately. Populate this method in a child class if it’s required. Otherwise, you can leave it out.

This templating is separate from BP_XProfile_Field_Type::edit_field_html() because it’s also used in the wp-admin screens when creating new fields, and for backwards compatibility.

Must be used inside the bp_profile_fields() template loop.



(array) (Optional) The arguments passed to bp_the_profile_field_options().

Default value: array()


File: bp-xprofile/classes/class-bp-xprofile-field-type.php

	public function edit_field_options_html( array $args = array() ) {}


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.0.0 Introduced.


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