This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

BP_REST_Members_Endpoint::rest_bp_get_follower_ids( mixed $args )

Returns a comma separated list of user_ids for a given user’s followers.




(mixed) (Required) Arguments can be passed as an associative array or as a URL argument string.


(mixed) Comma-seperated string of user IDs on success. Integer zero on failure.


File: bp-members/classes/class-bp-rest-members-endpoint.php

	private function rest_bp_get_follower_ids( $args ) {
		if ( bp_is_active( 'follow' ) ) {
			return bp_get_follower_ids( $args );
		} else {
			return ( function_exists( 'bp_get_followers' ) ? bp_get_followers( $args ) : '' );


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