BP_Notifications_Notification::get_date_query_sql( array $date_query = array() )

Get the SQL for the ‘date_query’ param in BP_Notifications_Notification::get().


We use BP_Date_Query, which extends WP_Date_Query, to do the heavy lifting of parsing the date_query array and creating the necessary SQL clauses. However, since BP_Notifications_Notification::get() builds its SQL differently than WP_Query, we have to alter the return value (stripping the leading AND keyword from the query).



(array) (Optional) An array of date_query parameters. See the documentation for the first parameter of WP_Date_Query.

Default value: array()




File: bp-notifications/classes/class-bp-notifications-notification.php

	public static function get_date_query_sql( $date_query = array() ) {

		// Bail if not a proper date query format.
		if ( empty( $date_query ) || ! is_array( $date_query ) ) {
			return '';

		// Date query.
		$date_query = new BP_Date_Query( $date_query, 'date_notified' );

		// Strip the leading AND - it's handled in get().
		return preg_replace( '/^\sAND/', '', $date_query->get_sql() );


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.3.0 Introduced.


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