BP_Group_Member_Query::populate_group_member_extras( BP_User_Query $query, string $user_ids_sql )

Fetch additional data required in bp_group_has_members() loops.


Additional data fetched:

  • is_banned
  • date_modified



(BP_User_Query) (Required) BP_User_Query object. Because we're filtering the current object, we use $this inside of the method instead.


(string) (Required) Sanitized, comma-separated string of the user ids returned by the main query.


File: bp-groups/classes/class-bp-group-member-query.php

	public function populate_group_member_extras( $query, $user_ids_sql ) {
		global $wpdb;

		$bp     = buddypress();
		$extras = $wpdb->get_results( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT id, user_id, date_modified, is_admin, is_mod, comments, user_title, invite_sent, is_confirmed, inviter_id, is_banned FROM {$bp->groups->table_name_members} WHERE user_id IN ({$user_ids_sql}) AND group_id = %d", $this->query_vars['group_id'] ) );

		foreach ( (array) $extras as $extra ) {
			if ( isset( $this->results[ $extra->user_id ] ) ) {
				// The user_id is provided for backward compatibility.
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->user_id       = (int) $extra->user_id;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->is_admin      = (int) $extra->is_admin;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->is_mod        = (int) $extra->is_mod;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->is_banned     = (int) $extra->is_banned;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->date_modified = $extra->date_modified;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->user_title    = $extra->user_title;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->comments      = $extra->comments;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->invite_sent   = (int) $extra->invite_sent;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->inviter_id    = (int) $extra->inviter_id;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->is_confirmed  = (int) $extra->is_confirmed;
				$this->results[ $extra->user_id ]->membership_id = (int) $extra->id;

		// Don't filter other BP_User_Query objects on the same page.
		remove_action( 'bp_user_query_populate_extras', array( $this, 'populate_group_member_extras' ), 10 );


Version Description
BuddyPress 1.8.0 Introduced.


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