BP_Email::set_to( string|array|int|WP_User $to_address, string $name = '', string $operation = 'replace' )

Set the email’s “to” address and name.


IMPORTANT NOTE: the assumption with all emails sent by (and belonging to) BuddyPress itself is that there will only be a single $to_address. This is to simplify token and templating logic (for example, if multiple recipients, the "unsubscribe" link in the emails will all only link to the first recipient).

To set a single address, the first parameter is the address and the second the name. You can also pass a user ID or a WP_User object.

To set multiple addresses, for each array item, the key is the email address and the value is the name.



(string|array|int|WP_User) (Required) Either an email address, user ID, WP_User object, or an array containing any combination of the above.


(string) (Optional) If $to_address is a string, this is the recipient's name.

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional) If "replace", $to_address replaces current setting (default). If "add", $to_address is added to the current setting.

Default value: 'replace'




File: bp-core/classes/class-bp-email.php

	public function set_to( $to_address, $name = '', $operation = 'replace' ) {
		$to = ( $operation !== 'replace' ) ? $this->to : array();

		if ( is_array( $to_address ) ) {
			foreach ( $to_address as $address ) {
				$to[] = new BP_Email_Recipient( $address );

		} else {
			$to[] = new BP_Email_Recipient( $to_address, $name );

		 * Filters the new value of the email's "to" property.
		 * @since BuddyPress 2.5.0
		 * @param BP_Email_Recipient[] "To" recipients.
		 * @param string $to_address "To" address.
		 * @param string $name "To" name.
		 * @param string $operation If "replace", $to_address replaced previous recipients. If "add",
		 *                          $to_address was added to the array of recipients.
		 * @param BP_Email $this Current instance of the email type class.
		$this->to = apply_filters( 'bp_email_set_to', $to, $to_address, $name, $operation, $this );

		return $this;


Version Description
BuddyPress 2.5.0 Introduced.


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