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File: bp-forums/admin/forums.php

	public function new_help() {

		if ( $this->bail() ) return;

		$customize_display = '<p>' . __( 'The title field and the big forum editing Area are fixed in place, but you can reposition all the other boxes using drag and drop, and can minimize or expand them by clicking the title bar of each box. Use the Screen Options tab to unhide more boxes (Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Custom Fields, Discussion, Slug, Author) or to choose a 1- or 2-column layout for this screen.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>';

		get_current_screen()->add_help_tab( array(
			'id'      => 'customize-display',
			'title'   => __( 'Customizing This Display', 'buddyboss' ),
			'content' => $customize_display,
		) );

		get_current_screen()->add_help_tab( array(
			'id'      => 'title-forum-editor',
			'title'   => __( 'Title and Forum Editor', 'buddyboss' ),
			'content' =>
				'<p>' . __( '<strong>Title</strong> - Enter a title for your forum. After you enter a title, you\'ll see the permalink below, which you can edit.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>' .
				'<p>' . __( '<strong>Forum Editor</strong> - Enter the text for your forum. There are two modes of editing: Visual and HTML. Choose the mode by clicking on the appropriate tab. Visual mode gives you a WYSIWYG editor. Click the last icon in the row to get a second row of controls. The HTML mode allows you to enter raw HTML along with your forum text. You can insert media files by clicking the icons above the forum editor and following the directions. You can go to the distraction-free writing screen via the Fullscreen icon in Visual mode (second to last in the top row) or the Fullscreen button in HTML mode (last in the row). Once there, you can make buttons visible by hovering over the top area. Exit Fullscreen back to the regular forum editor.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>'
		) );

		$publish_box = '<p>' . __( '<strong>Publish</strong> - You can set the terms of publishing your forum in the Publish box. For Status, Visibility, and Publish (immediately), click on the Edit link to reveal more options. Visibility includes options for password-protecting a forum or making it stay at the top of your blog indefinitely (sticky). Publish (immediately) allows you to set a future or past date and time, so you can schedule a forum to be published in the future or backdate a forum.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>';

		if ( current_theme_supports( 'forum-thumbnails' ) && post_type_supports( 'forum', 'thumbnail' ) ) {
			$publish_box .= '<p>' . __( '<strong>Featured Image</strong> - This allows you to associate an image with your forum without inserting it. This is usually useful only if your theme makes use of the featured image as a forum thumbnail on the home page, a custom header, etc.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>';

		get_current_screen()->add_help_tab( array(
			'id'      => 'forum-attributes',
			'title'   => __( 'Forum Attributes', 'buddyboss' ),
			'content' =>
				'<p>' . __( 'Select the attributes that your forum should have:', 'buddyboss' ) . '</p>' .
				'<ul>' .
					'<li>' . __( '<strong>Type</strong> indicates if the forum is a category or forum. Categories generally contain other forums.',                                                                                'buddyboss' ) . '</li>' .
					'<li>' . __( '<strong>Status</strong> allows you to close a forum to new discussions and replies.',                                                                                                                  'buddyboss' ) . '</li>' .
					'<li>' . __( '<strong>Visibility</strong> lets you pick the scope of each forum and what users are allowed to access it.',                                                                                     'buddyboss' ) . '</li>' .
					'<li>' . __( '<strong>Parent</strong> dropdown determines the parent forum. Select the forum or category from the dropdown, or leave the default (No Parent) to create the forum at the root of your forums.', 'buddyboss' ) . '</li>' .
					'<li>' . __( '<strong>Order</strong> allows you to order your forums numerically.',                                                                                                                            'buddyboss' ) . '</li>' .
		) );

		get_current_screen()->add_help_tab( array(
			'id'      => 'publish-box',
			'title'   => __( 'Publish Box', 'buddyboss' ),
			'content' => $publish_box,
		) );

		// Help Sidebar
			'<p><strong>' . __( 'For more information:', 'buddyboss' ) . '</strong></p>' .
			'<p>' . __( '<a href="">Documentation</a>',    'buddyboss' ) . '</p>'


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bbPress (r3119) Introduced.


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