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Onboarding: Module 4

Setting Up In-App Purchases

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Introduction & Session Overview 00:00 – 00:36IAP Overview 00:36 – 01:55Meeting The Requirements 01:55 – 04:09Creating IAP On Your Developer Account 04:09 – 07:06Configure The App Plugin 07:06 – 08:27Testing IAP 08:27 – 09:34Outro 09:34 – 10:45

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Do I have to offer in-app purchases?

No, but digital goods or web links can’t be sold or promoted in the app. Exceptions: Physical goods & events/coaching.

My users have purchased courses on the website. Will the access be granted in the app?

Yes, if it’s configured using the supported membership plugins.

My course price exceeds the app store allowed amount. Can I still have it in the app?

With the ‘Reader App’ option that hides courses in the app except for the ones the user is already enrolled to.

Is it possible to upgrade from a free to a paid tier?

You can use subscription tiers, but not from free to paid. We’re working on a better solution.

Can I restrict my app to only those who are subscribed?

Yes, you can force IAP on the Registration/Login screen.

Do I have to offer the same price on Android and Apple?

Not necessarily. They can be independent.

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