Ideal Server Setup

Modified on August 26, 2021

If you plan on supporting a moderately large community, you should consider moving to a good server setup for optimal performance. With many different types of dynamic content (activity streams, internal messages, etc.), BuddyBoss Platform needs to pull a wide range of content from the database and will slow down on shared hosting. Yes, it is possible to run BuddyBoss on shared hosting, but it will be very slow and you will be missing out on the huge performance gains and scalability of a powerful cloud hosted solution.

Our Recommendations

We strongly recommend hosting your BuddyBoss-powered website on cloud hosting. Shared hosting is not powerful enough for an interactive application, and dedicated servers / virtual private servers are not able to scale up and down easily. With cloud hosting, you can easily increase the server’s resources as needed with little to no downtime.

Amazon Web Services

When it comes to cloud hosting, the first provider that comes to most people’s minds is AWS. It is true that AWS is the most customizable, and can be the most affordable at scale, if configured correctly. Our own demos are hosted on AWS. However it is also extremely complicated to configure and maintain, and they provide minimal support. You are basically just leasing hardware from them and you are expected to know how to configure everything yourself. We only recommend AWS if you already know how to use it, or if you have someone on your team who is experienced with configuring AWS applications.

Managed Hosts

If you want a more out of the box solution, we recommend going with a managed cloud option that provides customer support to handle all of the technical configurations for you. There are many options for cloud hosting. Some recommended ones include:


Cloudways is a great managed cloud hosting solution. They provide a friendly user dashboard and have 24/7 customer support. You can use Cloudways and have them host your actual website on Digital Ocean or AWS hardware in the background, however you will have less access to the server than those services, as most configurations are handled by Cloudways support. For someone who wants to focus on their business and not worry about hosting, Cloudways is an ideal provider.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a great, cost effective cloud hosting solution. They provide a lot of hardware for the cost, and are developer friendly. Their service is built for developers and customers who want to be hands on. If you want a scalable solution that you can configure yourself, with less complexity than AWS, then Digital Ocean is a fantastic option.

Other Options

The above recommendations are based on our own experience and testing. There are many other cloud hosting providers who can provide good resources and support. If you are already hosting your BuddyBoss Platform or LearnDash website on another cloud host and everything is running smoothly, you likely will not need to switch hosting providers.

Server Software Requirements

Ask your web host to configure your server with the following:

  • Linux operating system
  • NGINX or Apache
  • PHP version 7.3.0+
  • MariaDB version 10.1+ (or MySQL version 5.6+)
  • SSL (HTTPS support)

MariaDB is an open source alternative to MySQL and is recommended over MySQL for performance benefits. Just ask your web host to use MariaDB if available.

NGINX is noticeably faster than Apache, as it can support more http requests at the same time. Just ask your web host to use NGINX if available.

Things to Avoid

Make sure your web host is not doing any of the following:

  • Blocking API requests to external applications (especially if you are using BuddyBoss App)
  • Requiring WordPress to use the web host’s caching system
  • Disabling core WordPress features

Some WordPress-focused web hosts have artificial limitations to improve performance of WordPress sites, which is useful for static sites such as WordPress blogs. However this can create problems for a dynamic application that has thousands of users requesting unique data in real time. We recommend sticking with general purpose cloud hosts that provide a lot of performance for the cost, and avoiding any web hosts that limit WordPress and other features.