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    I installed the OneSocial theme along with the Marketplace plugin, and while both should be fully compatible with WPML, I'm having a hard time setting the logo up. I'm using English and default language and Arabic as second language, when I set a logo for the English settings and then go a set a different logo for the Arabic settings, the Arabic logo shows on both languages! In other words, the last theme settings saved is what shows for both languages.

    Any help with that?




    Hello ..

    Anyone can help?


    Hi @qur3an
    I have notified developers about it to keep different different option for each language

    You can do some tweaks inside child theme
    copy header-logo.php from




    and at line number 20

    <?php echo $logo; ?>


    <?php if(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE=='en'): ?>
    <?php echo $logo; ?>
    <?php elseif(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE=='ar'): ?>
    <img width="300" height="104" src="http://buddyboss-demos.buddyboss.com/onesocial/wp-content/sandbox2823-uploads/2016/01/accessories_large-1-300x104.jpg" class="boss-logo loaded" alt="accessories_large" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px">
    <?php endif; ?>

    You can replace http://buddyboss-demos.buddyboss.com/onesocial/wp-content/sandbox2823-uploads/2016/01/accessories_large-1-300×104.jpg with your AR logo



    Thanks @vapvarun,

    This will help with the logo, thanks.

    But, a similar issue is happening with setting the WC Vendors pages in the plugin settings, if I set the English pages, the dashboard shows correctly, now, I go and switch the WPML language and I set the Arabic pages, and save. Now the Arabic dashboard shows correctly, but the English one is broken.

    Any idea why is this happening?


    Hi @qur3an,
    I have notified developers for WC vendor pro options also, it might also need some tweaks form WC vendor pro end as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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