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    I think we have a bug for WCVendors customers.

    I’ve noticed that the registration form on My account page DOES have the ‘apply to become a vendor’ tick box.

    However, if clicking the icons at the top right and left corners to register, the registration form does NOT have the ‘apply to become a vendor’ tick box.

    See screenshots of box scenarios.

    The apply to be a vendor is VERY important as once clicked, the user gets taken to the Vendor Dashboard to complete their account information e.g. Payment Details, Shop Info etc.
    So without this little tick box, users are NOT able to apply to be Vendors.

    Thank you,




    Interested in how this thread progresses.

    I have created a workaround where I created a menu item called “Apply to sell” that is only visible to “subscribers” the default account type that is created. So anywhere they land back on the site, they will see the menu item available.

    I would prefer the check box be available, as I feel it offers a better user experience.


    Same question here…




    How it works currently is your users have two ways to register to the site. One is using this theme and the other is using WC Vendors form. The registration form the user “finds” first is the one that is used to register them. If they click on the theme default one in the upper right hand of the screen then they do not initially have the option to apply. Also, as marketplace owners, it’s pretty dangerous that on this default theme registration there are no set “terms of use” advisory and agreements check box before they join.

    Things I’ve noticed during testing is that is a user joins the default way (theme) it takes a VERY LONG Time for them to receive the confirmation email, if ever. I waited for 5 minutes and still didn’t receive a confirmation for my test account so I went in and manually accepted it. We can lose A LOT if not ALL customers with this method.

    Now, once they are logged in the can navigate to a menu link on your site that says “Vendor Dashboard” or “Sell on this Site” and the dashboard area will now show the application to apply. You will have to make sure you have a menu item that has a link to the dashboard NOT the my-account.

    So I’m with you guys that this is pretty confusing and since this theme was designed around WC Vendors platform then the one and ONLY registration form needs to be it. So please provide us with a quick fix to make the upper right registration and log in prompts navigate to /my-account

    Thank you 🙂


    With you there Kelly!

    Just to add that we still need customers to be able to register too, who don’t tick the Apply to be a Vendor tick box. My customers have to have an account to purchase items (and obviously to ask sellers questions)

    Do you think there is any chance that someone can keep us all posted on what is happening with this URGENT issue?! It’s very disheartening raising URGENT issues and 3 days later no one from your team has responded 🙁

    Thank you in advance,



    Tagging Tom @tomchedd Please can you help?


    Could someone from Buddyboss please address this?



    Hi @conscious-crafties & @kdress , Please let me know which registration / account creation page you want to make your default registration / account creation page so I can provide solution for that one.



    Hi Pallavi,

    Thank you for responding.

    The problem we have is you guys have your own registration form. As pretty as it is, it doesn’t allow sellers to apply to be Vendors on our sites. When vendors apply to be sellers, they go through a completely different navigation flow which sends them to the WCVendors Dashboard, where they can fill in their shop details.

    WCVendors added a tick box ‘Apply to be a Vendor’ to the normal Woo Commerce My Account Registration form to allow sellers to register. If sellers tick the box when they register they are taken to the WCVendors Dashboard rather than through the normal registration process.

    I have temporarily added the ability for vendors to register to be a vendor on My Account page (https://www.consciouscrafties.com/my-account/) so that you will be able to see the Registration form that DOES allow vendors to apply (see the ‘Apply to be a vendor’ tick box). If you fill in the registration form and tick ‘apply to be a vendor’ (using test details) on my site your will see that it takes you through the registration process for a vendor rather than your normal registration flow. You are welcome to have a play, but please let me know that you are from BuddyBoss so I can delete your account.

    I really love that you have created a registration form that is separate to the log in form (that is a huge bonus!), but it doesn’t allow our users to apply to be sellers/vendors on our sites.

    If you were to ask what the ideal solution would be here it is:

    It would be wonderful if you could display the Apply to be a Vendor Registration form on a page that contains our Seller Terms and Conditions (like this page here https://www.consciouscrafties.com/sell/join-the-crafties/ – I use a temp form at the moment to capture vendor registrations). That’s what I believe we would all like, so the Apply to be a Vendor Registration form appears with our Terms and Conditions (minus the log in form).

    As many of us also have buyers registering on our site, they would need a normal registration form (without the Apply to be a Vendor tick box), with maybe a note ‘Want to apply to sell on this site? Apply Here’ – linking them to the Vendor Application page.

    One of the main reasons I bought the theme was for the social sign in benefits. I activated your recommend social sign in plug in, but the social sign in buttons only appear on your registration form not the Apply to be a Vendor registration form (so I’ve now deactivated the plug in for now).

    I hope this helps but you can contact me any time for more information and I’ll be more than happy to help.

    Thank you,



    Hi @conscious-crafties @kdres @frips @georgeallen003

    It should be available in our next update, I have added inside our todo list to add checkbox at pop up registration form.

    Varun Dubey


    So does it not get updated when we receive our Marketplace theme updates?
    How do we know when we need to update Visual Composer as it doesn’t say version level in my account?

    Many thanks,



    Hi @conscious-crafties, It need some additional work and it is postponed to next to next update Marketplace 1.0.6 update.

    Varun Dubey


    Just checking this will be available in the next release – add checkbox to pop up registration form if we have this enabled in wp-admin?

    Many thanks,


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