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    Could you give me estimate date when the The fixed nav bar child them would be ready for download. I want to upgrade to the new 3.0 responsive but I would like the fixed nav bar child theme because my site is already using it with the last version of Buddyboss.




    You do not mean the option under “Dashboard”->”Appearance”->”Buddyboss”->”Admin Bar”?

    Select your preferred front-end admin bar (Toolbar) location.
    Float the admin bar menus at the top right of the page (moves with the page).
    Fix the admin bar menus to the top of the page (docked to the top).

    Kind regards


    Hi thanks for the help but what you describe is not what Im inquiring about. I have Buddyboss 2.1.7 installed with the 2.1.2 BuddyBoss Child Fixed Navbar. This was a child theme that buddy boss created with the fixed nav bar that is totally different from what you are describing. They have announced that its in the pipeline and to be released soon but Im interested in finding out when because I want the new responsive theme 3.0 to look the same way as the 2.1.2 BuddyBoss Child Fixed Navbar that I am already using. The new Fixed Navbar child theme that's not released yet is different from the 3.0 child theme that's available.If someone from Buddyboss could give me an idea when its available I would appreciate it. Thank you Patrick.


    @patrick This is now available for download.

    You can get it for free here: https://www.buddyboss.com/product/buddyboss-child-theme-fixed-navbar/


    Thanks for the fixed navbar child theme download Michael; can you tell me which part of the child theme do I make any css changes. I cant see a custom css folder so I was wondering how to make changes. Thanks again and I appreciate your help. Patrick


    In the child theme there should be a custom.css folder.

    Go to: /buddyboss-child-fixed-navbar/css/custom.css.

    Are you editing it in the WordPress admin? If so you should install WP Editor: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-editor/

    WordPress editor by default won't let you see files in folder within the theme. That plugin will, along with many other benefits.



    @patrick for CSS changes you should add them to /css/custom.css
    If you need to edit a specific php file you should copy it from the main theme and edit the files in the same subdirectory in the child theme, if the directory does not exist you will need to create ie.
    If you are adding functionality without needing to edit actual files you can use the /buddyboss-child-inc/child-theme.php


    Thanks again TJ. Your costumer service is impressive and I have to say the old adage ‘you reap what you sow' is very much the case with Buddyboss. Your hard work is the key. Keep up the good work. Patrick



    Thanks for the kind words @patrick glad to hear our hard work pays off 🙂


    Hi Tj / Michael, Im trying to rearrange my site since I updated to the Buddyboss 3.0.2 with the fixed nav bar child theme and many thanks for that. Every things good, but is there any way you could point me in the right direction? Is there a way of organizing my site so that each group and forum have their own identity so that they will not display on the same page as other types. If I could explain it this way; If my community network was based on sports could I for example give people the choice to select and join a default cricket groups or football groups or fitness group and so on. If this is possible and my nav bar menu is displaying each type of groups will only them group show up on the page selected. How difficult is this to achieve. Many thanks once again Patrick


    Hey Patrick,

    Not sure exactly what you mean, but I think you want to organize groups into categories? You could try this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-group-hierarchy/

    It's not perfect, but it may work for what you're trying to do. You could put groups in hierarchies so you could have a top level Football group, and then groups within that hierarchy (child groups) that are all related to Football. Then you could find the link for that hierarchy and place it in the nav menu. Something like that 🙂

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