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    Hi guys just paid for this plugin so I could get support……..
    This issue was brought up my developer when my website started throwing random 522 error messages, when trying to delete media in the backend area.
    Even selecting one media file and then trying to delete it would throw an error.
    Now once disabling your plugin we were able to start deleting media with no issues at all, re-install your plugin and instantly unable to delete media with out taking the website offline!!

    Need this fixing asap otherwise i'll require a refund and i'll find a media plugin elsewhere to use, like I ended up doing with your buggy boss theme.



    Hey @jerseypeeps sorry to hear you are having difficulties. One possibility I have noticed from conflicts with our products is cometchat. You may want to try disabling that momentarily and test if that is conflicting. The second option could be your CDN and media connection with the media plugin. Perhaps there is something in the connection causing an issue with media causing the whole site to timeout. Does your wp-admin also throw the error when the media plugin is enabled? Or only when accessing the front-end?



    Hi @tjchester

    I disabled all caching and cdn related plugins previously, but never thought Cometchat would be an issue, until now. I have removed Cometchat and am now able to delete media, but it is very slow.

    Question is now, where do we go from here, obviously having Cometchat as a chat facility is an added bonus for any social website, i'm not keen on removing it purely for the amount I have spent on that script and the upgrades that came with it aren't exactly cheap.


    @jerseypeeps I don't think we are going to be able to fix this within your short time constraints…we are working on many large updates concurrently and this isn't something that will make this round of updates so it would probably be a minimum of 30 days until we could get this fixed. Please fill out the form here for a refund if needed:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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