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    Hello @vapvarun,

    I am still waiting for a solution from the ground up for the fonts issues that we have been discussing since July.

    For example: As I am not too familiar with CSS I have enlarged the text on the cart and checkout pages by enlarging all table content. That was the easiest for me. But now the buttons on these pages have an overflow due to the longer wording in German, French and Italian and the larger font size. Obviously, in an online shop, button text that does not read complete is a no go …

    Do you see a pattern here? We are fixing the symptoms of the symptoms of the symptoms …

    It would be convenient if you offered a possibility to set the font name, weight and size for body text and H1-H6, both for main content and widget content (see WooThemes framework for an example). And then the font sizes produced from different plugins should be the same throughout the website (see WooThemes Canvas for an example).

    For developers this should be possible. Question is: is that a priority for you?




    Following – @nmschaller if I can help you in any way I'm happy to but I don't want to ill advise you (fellow customer here). I've been making several modifications to the custom CSS because the font system is… to say the least, wanting.

    I also have several alignment issues and posted two threads that only got a reply 4 days later. And my issue still isn't resolved. The site is going to be launched in three days and I'm nowhere near finished with the issues on looks. I am hoping whatever replies you receive here will help me, too.



    Hi @nmschaller, Font option is already in suggestion list and we will try to include it in our development queue shortly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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