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    1. I’d like an option to have a button at the top of the forum that says New Topic instead of this version where the create new topic is sitting at the bottom of the forum.

    It could other open a new page, or maybe an ajax style where it opens the new topic creation just above the top of the forum and not the bottom.

    2. When you post a comment in the activity areas, I’d like the box to be closed by default and when they went to post to their activity areas then they click something and it opens up ajax style.

    3. Optional twitter style home page where the registration form is on the same page with the login form at the top and the left column would be for content.



    1. The New Topic button will be at the very top of the Forums index in BuddyBoss 2.0. The new topic creation opens just below the forum, like in the new bp-default.

    2. The activity comment box will be closed and then open up ajax style when clicked in BuddyBoss 2.0.

    3. We are not adding a Twitter style homepage in this release. Maybe something for a future release. The code for the login box is in sidebar-home-left.php, so you could grab that code and put it into a custom front-page.php file on your own to do something like this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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