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    I am trying to create menus for my store and all is well but there is a little issue. The marketplace widget uses product categories to order the menus. Is there a way for me to eliminate the parent category from the menu and have the child categories? If I don’t tick the parent category then the menus won’t show. For instance, from the attached image, if I don't tick Children, my Menus won't show. If also tick children, then my menu becomes
    Children-Children- Boys and Girls
    But i want it as Children-Boys and Girls




    Hi @donmacarius, I have noted this point and added it to our todo list on priority we will try to resolve this one as soon as possible.



    @pallavi, @zarko, is this solved in the new onesocial release? With this I can't proceed with my menus. I have been waiting for this.



    Hi @donmacarius,

    Its solved, fix is in Marketplace plugin, there is also new version of OneSocial with lot of fixes, so be free to update that too. And Global Search plugin, for better search results.


    @zarko, I think the issue is not fixed. After updating all versions of Marketplace and Onesocial to the latest, I still have same problem. I cannot display from subcategories without ticking the parent. Please see images attached.


    Please see images attached


    @zarko, @buddyboss, @pallavi @vapvarun, Please help me out. This update failed me woefully on most of my problems. Login/password reset, Marketplace widget I thought were going to be fixed. Help urgently


    Hi @donmacarius
    Please wait for while
    It was not done in last fixes and will be available in next update
    Varun Dubey


    @vapvarun, @zarko, Please update on when this will be fixed? This is really an urgent thing for me. thank you.


    @pallavi, @donmacarius, i'm looping you in on this. I really need a better to display menus to launch my site. Thanks



    Hi @donmacarius, It is in Ready for Development phase and will be updated in our next release.



    Following and hoping for an idea of a release date..

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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